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Lorena Callau’s sex shop has these services;

Couple Therapy and Sex Education

Sex Education is the key for any individual to get all the information and tools they need to make healthy decisions regarding sex and sexuality.

We want to put our grain of sand in collaboration with sex education, especially of the youth, for him to get to know each other, to accept oneself and to be happy, to be able to enjoy a free and healthy sex life

We have many ways to learn sexology and solve sexual problems and dysfunctions, but the most common are:
  • Sex education talks for all ages and
  • Couple therapies

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Let's talk about sex on the radio

I present the new season of the hottest program on Ràdio Joventut, “Let's talk about Sex 2.0” where you can interact with us and consult any sexual doubts you may have

Live every Friday night, to 96.3 i 107.4 FM

Listen to us whenever you want

Season Programs 20-21
Then we talk about sex


I have been a Tapersex specialist for almost a decade and have been using toys for over a decade 20 years old, and I can assure you that erotic toys and tapesex meetings are a great way to learn more about sexuality

A tapesex is an exhibition with the option to buy the erotic toys of the moment

Selected items from the tapersex suitcase are ideal for discovering new ways to realize the deepest erotic fantasies

We adapt the Tapersex to the needs of the client creating different environments

tapersex Unisex

You will spend a fun time with friends, Family, your partner or alone, while introducing you to all the erotic suitcase toys and the most common sexual practices

With external services

to cover all needs

IMPORTANT: These services have been affected by the pandemic

Whatever your meeting idea or need, we have all kinds of external services to be able to help you or to make it an unforgettable time, with everything you’ve imagined and with surprises you can’t even imagine

Private rooms with bar service are one of these services

Organize a Tapersex

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