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With a large selection of products

pheromones, oils and other aphrodisiacs that will create the ideal environment for good sexual pre-warming and lubricants for personal use and for erotic toys…

Aphrodisiac massage oils, oils with hot or edible effect… Vi espumós d’or, energy drinks, pheromones drinks and all kinds of dilutables; Sucre afrodissíac, Drops of love different flavors libido enhancers, guarana afrodissíac, Incense, perfumes and candles with pheromones, edible body paint different flavors, Bath Salts and Foams, phot and cold effect lipstick and edible gels for oral sex…

We also have lubricants for sale:

Water and silicone based lubricants, Lubricants in cream or spray, Lubricants in single-dose, with flavors…

Kits for self-indulgence

Massage oil kits, travel kits, kits intimate, massage candle kits…

Female and male creams

  • orgasmic creams
  • G-spot creams intensificants
  • clitoral cream
  • creams narrowing
  • Creams intimate refreshing ...
  • Creams he retardants: Creams retardant ejaculation, SPRA, toallites retardants ...
  • He invigorating cream: Intensificadors of male orgasms, Creams erection enhancers, gels, SPRA, monodosis ...
  • stimulants gels…

And all kinds of Erotic Games and Toys, Male and female lingerie and more

  • Intimate Cleaning Articles
  • Decks
  • Dice postures
  • Games couple
  • Board games spicy
  • Sensual games
  • stubs
  • Articles Bondage
  • Aquatic
  • Harnesses
  • Articles luminiscents
  • Chinese and Japanese balls
  • Control Remot
  • Dildos
  • Swings
  • Dildos
  • Stimulators
  • Electrostimulation
  • Ceramic Masturbators and Plugs, Further in Metal
  • Inflatable dolls
  • Men's rings
  • male Masturbadors: discrete or realistic, forms vagina, mouth anus
  • Masageadors of prostate: manual or vibrators
  • Cases penis Extenders
  • hydro Bombes
  • Penis d’Actors
  • Double Penis
  • Special Penis
  • Gelatina's penis
  • Realistic Penis
  • Vertebrate Penis
  • Plugs, Plugs Gelatina
  • Vibrators
  • HI-TECH vibrators
  • Vibrator Kits
  • Piles, Cleaning and Conservation of products

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