La festa eròtica més picant

Organitzem shows i festes eròtiques amb diferents espectacles a escollir

Els nostres shows són ideals per a crear moments picants als comiats de solter i celebracions de divorci, birthdays, sopars d’empresa

Adaptem el show a les necessitats del client

Uns dels protagonistes dels moments picants són els nostres streapers.

Una parella que et deixará amb la boca oberta

The shows have a duration of about 3/4 cançons

Tenen coreografies que s’adapten a l’esdeveniment, amb jocs i balls amb l’anfitrió de la festa i amb la resta d’assistents

Very erotic and tastefully.

A domicili per tota catalunya o a les nostre private rooms de la zona del Delta de l’Ebre

Think and ask;

Crea la teva festa única. Tenim tots aquest shows que pots combinar al teu gust

Show Pin Up, Show Streaper Tupper Sex, waiters sexy, Drag-Queens, Gogos, DJs and discotheques entry…

pin up sexy

camarero sexy

drag queen

speed dating – Speed Dating, Multi Cites in expres 8 minutes

If you are single / couple looking at and, our multi speed dating are the solution

The speed dating are a set of events that take place on the same day and the same place, following minimum criteria of age and sexual orientation, the opportunity to meet each 8 minute a potential mate in person

Speed ​​dating each 8 minutes


For the smooth running, es preparen la quantitat de tauletes individuals necessàries com cites hagis de tenir

Each 8 minutes, the sound of a bell is cambia table to find another person

And so on until you've had all you had planned speed dating

over 8 minutes, you can ask the questions you want and believe it appropriate to keep the person sitting in front

Our advice is to be yourself and not be misled by the moment

At the end of a card filled with information about the people with whom you sense feeling, which can get a second date more relaxed

The organizer will contact you

And a garantitzem 90 % chance of finding what you want